Sew It!

OK.   You’ve figured out that I am kind of a crafty person.

I get asked all the time…

“Can you hem these pants?”

“Do you do curtains?”

“I sure wish I could sew, do you think you could just…”

The short answer is, yes.  I probably can.

The longer answer is, it’ll cost you.

– – – – – – Alterations & Repairs – – – – – –

Mend (on a seam) – $5
Mend or Patch (not on a seam) – $12
Affix or Replace Buttons (plus cost of replacement buttons) – $1.50 / button
Hem Jeans, Pants & Shorts – $15 / pair
Hem Pants or Shorts with Cuffs – $18 / pair
Hem Lined Pants or Shorts – $20 / pair
Hem an Unlined Dress – $25
Hem a Lined Dress – $45

Other alterations not listed are available, please inquire for a quote.

– – – – – – Custom Work – – – – – –

I love-love-love custom projects.  Seriously.

* Curtains

* Costumes

* Wedding Gowns

* Baby Quilts

* Dolls

* Liturgical Garments

For projects like this I charge a flat rate of $20 per hour, plus materials.

First we’ll talk about what you want and I’ll give you a quote.

100% of the cost of materials and 1/2 of the total is due before I’ll begin the project.

The final 1/2 is due at completion.

Why so much?

Sewing is a lost art – and it’s one I haven’t lost!

You wouldn’t be asking me to sew if you could do it yourself, right?

And my time is very valuable to me.   Many of my own projects  are gathering dust because I’ve not managed to find time to do them.

So what you’re really paying for is my skills, coupled with the desire that I’ll keep the kitties from shedding all over your fabric and stay up into the night so I can finish without constant interruption

“Hey, mom… MOM… can I have a cookie?  PluEEEEze??? WHY??”

“How ’bout some ice cream?  Why NOT??”

…something that tends to lead to a few choice words on my part, and acceptance of unevenly hemmed pants on yours!

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