About Me

I’m a follower of Jesus, a wife and mother.

I believe children deserve gentleness and respect.

I like words.
I like red things.
I like good pens.
I like music.
I am addicted to coffee (not anymore!) and fabric.
I collect scarves and elephants and small children and other people’s pets.
I usually have bits of string stuck to my person.
I spend my extra money (hahaha) on books and fabric and music.
My guitar is my friend.
I sew things and it keeps me sane.
I dig ponds and move plants around my yard.
I intended to be a crazy old lady someday.
There is paint on most of my clothing.
Old Houses make me happy.
I remember old friends.
My pockets usually contain a sharpie, a tape measure
and several small objects found during the day.
Jme is my favorite person ever.
I want to be a cat in the sunny patch on the floor.

I eat my pancakes into a square…
because symmetry is important.

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