4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. the videos don’t work anymore??

    What would really make life a little nicer is if GAS prices went back to $1.50

    Or better yet WATER power’d cars

  2. hmmm…I think I might disagree…

    Gas going back to $1.50 would probably make everyone drive more than they already do…and no one would think of the gas millage their car got. (I know a lot of people don’t care…but some still do.)

    I think I would go for water powered cars…but I think it would have to be Salt Water…

    I’m thinking an electric car with solar panels, or some kind of wind energy….you know as you drive it powers itself from the air going through your engine…it’s possible…There could still be a battery that plugs in…you know to give it an initial charge…but you wouldn’t have to plug it in often…


    Bad thing about the Prius is the up-keep costs are through the Roof. Extra costs for he batteries and extra filters. I’ll wait till Design takes over. I want a car that doesn’t look like a 1980’s space shuttle. ttyl+

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