What’s missing?

The advent of the blog is a big thing in my world… I am an avid reader and people watcher – and blogs are the perfect way to fill both those desires! Some of my favorite blogs contain pictures of living spaces of the bloggers. How I love looking at each tiny detail of how these women make their houses home. I try and interpret this sense of caring into my own home, but could not seem to put my finger on what seemed to be “lacking” recently. There was a dull-ness to everything around here in comparison to these wonderful, light filled spaces. But I have large window that let in tons of light… what’s my problem? Why can’t I get that amazing tone.

Then, in a flash of understanding the other day, I realized what is so wrong.

All these wonderful rooms… what do they have in common? It is SO simple. The light shining in the windows is bouncing off SNOW!!!

I actually laughed out loud when I realized it. THAT is what I’m missing!

Now, prepare yourself for Material Mama’s comment’s about how I should just move home to Maine…

4 thoughts on “What’s missing?

  1. PA use to have Snow but this winter there has been nothing.

    In some ways you are not missing much. It can be a lot of work. I guess if you ever really need snow back in your life you could always move back to Maine.

  2. Yes, she needs snow in her life! ;) More importantly, I need her in my life! I’m jealous of those that have her in TN…

    Miss you dear friend!

  3. My dear.. while snow might be sweet… always remember that ANY house can look divine when photographed one bit at a time. In fact that might be a REALL fun challange, to take a spot photo of a room that paints it in a wonderful light… then a pulled back true to life shot of what it all looks like.

    My master bathroom is a wonderful example, I could take photos all day long of the wonderful tub area in my MB.. and people can get all jealous or lustful… but pull back and you will see we are still on subfloor and there are still bare wires and no sink there there!….5 years later!! ack!

    Be kind to yourself.. i have been in your home.. it’s wonderful and a total refelection of your love for your family and your surroundings.


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